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our admissions process is designed to help prospective students discern their vocation and determine if our seminary is the right fit for them, we provide all the necessary information and guidance to make the process as smooth as possible.

What Applicants Should Know

To make sure we consider all applicants thoroughly and fairly, there are several stages to our admissions process. Each one is outlined below. It is important you understand your role in each of these stages and are aware of the deadlines. The admissions timeline provides an overview of the process.

Application Forms

Application forms are sold in the seminary. You can visit the Seminary especially during school hours to obtain yours from the Secretary’s office.


Parishes can obtain the Seminary application forms in large quantities. Interested applicants should visit the Parish offices to know if they have been able to obtains the forms.

Online Download

Interested applicants can also download the seminary forms here.

Easy Step to Apply


Submission of Forms

The forms are to be submitted only to the Seminary office for proper accreditation. You are advised to personally submit your forms after filling the necessary details. You are to submit with the sum of N1500.


Entrance Examinations

Entrance Examinations hold on Saturday, 18th March, 2023 at exactly 9 a.m. Accreditation begins by 8 a.m. All candidates must be in the Seminary compound on or before 8 a.m. Late comers risk forfeiting the examinations.



Successful canditates from the Entrance examinations are invited for three days written/oral interviews.



The results for Entrance Examinations and Interview can now be checked online. Please go to the  check result page to check your status.

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Frequently Ask Questions.

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