Spiritual Life

Liturgy And Spirituality

Liturgy And Spirituality

The Liturgical and spiritual life of the Seminarians involves Daily Eucharistic Celebrations, Community prayers (including Sunday Lauds and Vespers, Common Rosary and Other prayers), Spiritual Conferences, Confessions, Spiritual directions, Pius Societies and Devotion, Personal devotions, etc.



The community prayers takes place also in the chapel. The Seminary begins everyday with her Morning prayers. The Seminarians converge again in the afternoon after classes for Afternoon prayers and meditation. In the evening, they converge again in the chapel for Rosary and evening prayers. At night after supper, the converge for the final time for the Night Prayers. Like the name suggest, no seminarian is exempted from the community prayers

Daily Eucharistic Celebrations

The Seminary has her daily Eucharistic Celebration after the Community morning prayers in the chapel. It begins at 5:50am and ends at 6:30am. The daily Mass offers the Seminarians opportunity to recieve the Lord in the Eucharist and to offer the day’s activity into the His hands. The daily Mass is offered for various intentions ranging from personal to communal intentions. On Tuesdays is the House Mass in which Holy Mass is celebrated in different houses in which the Semianarians belong. Daily Mass is celebrated by one of the Father Formators and any other Priest who is opportuned to do so. However, on Thursday is the Community Mass in which all the Pater Familia, the Rector, and all the the other Priests in the Seminary are present.


Every Sunday, the Seminarians have their Pius Society prayers and devotion. There are about a number of Pius Societies in the Seminary. They include St. Anthony’s Guild, Sacred Heart of Jesus League, Blue Army, Charismatic Society, etc. Every Seminarian is expected to belong to one of the Societies. There prayers can last about 30mins – 1hour as the case may be. The Seminarians are also free to have their personal prayers and devotions. This exercise can come during the morning and everning recreations and during special times alloted for it on days of recollection.


The Seminary has a number of Spiritual Directors who are there for the spiritual need and direction of the seminarians. They have spiritual conferences every Thursday. It offers the Seminarians opportunity to learn and know more about God, the Saints and issues of the spiritual life. The Spiritual directors are also available for personal spiritual direction. Every seminarian is expected to consult one of the Seminary Spiritual directors at least once an academic/Liturgical session.


In addition to the spiritual conference, the Seminarians are also opportuned to have Confessions every two weeks. The Spiritual directors are usually available for this activity. This offers the Seminarians the opportunity to get reconciled with God and be always in the state of grace. Due to the number of the Seminarias, Priests from outside the Semianary could be called upon to offer some help to ensure that no every single seminarian is not prevented from going to confession due to the number.


Every first sunday of the month is the General monthly recollection of the seminarians. They also have their recollection every first sunday after their Breaks(Christmas & Easter) and Long vacation.



Monthly & annually liturgical/prayer timetable