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  • Date Of Exam 9th March, 2024
  • Time 9:00 an Prompt
  • Venue Seminary Premises
How to submit

Fill the form and submit to the seminary on or before 9th March, 2024
with a Token of N4000

About All Hallows Seminary


All Hallows Seminary is the pioneer seminary east of the River Niger, instituted for the training of diocesan clergy. It was established in 1924 by Bishop Joseph Shanahan with Rev. Fr. William O’Donnel as the first Rector.  The seminary travelled to many places before it finally settled in the present location. It was on February 1952 when it moved down to the present site in Onitsha, Anambra State, with the name ALL HALLOWS. The seminary has trained great men serving both in the Church and the society, hence our slogan: All Hallows Seminary, the home of the Humble and the Great!

Very Rev Fr Paschal Okonkwo

Rector, All Hallows Seminary

100 Years of History

A rich history of providing quality formation to its students as they prepare for their future ministry.

"Forming the next generation of Catholic leaders."


All Hallows Seminary envisions a world where Catholic leaders serve with distinction, promoting the Gospel message and bringing hope to all people. We strive to be a premier institution of Catholic education, known for our commitment to forming well-rounded, knowledgeable, and compassionate leaders who make a positive impact in their communities and beyond.

OUR Mission


All Hallows Seminary is dedicated to providing a comprehensive Catholic education that nurtures the spiritual, intellectual, and personal growth of candidates who are aspiring towards the Catholic Priesthood. Through academic excellence, spiritual formation, and service to others, we strive to form leaders who are prepared to serve the Church and the world with integrity, compassion, and faith.

Inside All Hallows Seminary Onitsha


Recent events

All Hallows Seminary regularly updates its news section on the website to keep the students, staff, alumni and friends informed about the latest happenings and events at the seminary, such as new appointments, academic achievements, community service, and other important announcements.


those driving us to excellence

Our Administrators play a crucial role in the smooth functioning of the seminary, they are responsible for managing the day-to-day operations, financial matters, and ensuring the seminary’s compliance with policies and regulations.

Most Rev. Valerian M. Okeke

Archbishop of onitsha Archdiocese (PROPRIETOR)

Very Rev Fr Paschal Okonkwo


Competent formators

Our formators play a vital role in the formation of the seminarians. They are responsible for guiding and mentoring the students throughout their formation process, both academically and spiritually. They act as role models, spiritual guides, and help students to discern their vocation and prepare for their future ministry.

Very Rev Fr Paschal Okonkwo

Very Rev Fr Paschal Okonkwo


Fr. Francisco Okeakpu

Fr. Francisco Okeakpu

Spiritual Director II & Sports Director II

Rev. Fr. Franklin Onyekwe

Rev. Fr. Franklin Onyekwe


Rev. Francis Udeaja

Rev. Francis Udeaja

Academic Coordinator

Rev. Valentine Ezumezu

Rev. Valentine Ezumezu

Dean of Students' Affairs/Special Duties

Rev. Fr. Justin Ileka

Rev. Fr. Justin Ileka

Priest in Residence


Our Extra-curricular Activities

All Hallows Seminary offers a variety of Extra-curricular activities, such as music, sports, drama, and other clubs and societies, to provide opportunities for students to explore their interests and develop their talents.


formation forum

This is an event, that is focused on the spiritual, personal, and professional formation of our students. The aim is to provide an opportunity for students to reflect on their own spiritual journey and growth, while also learning from the experiences of others. It typically includes a variety of activities such as retreats, workshops, lectures, and small group discussions, which are led by experienced theologians, pastors, and spiritual leaders.


Debate and Quiz

At All Hallows Seminary, we believe that extra-curricular activities are an important part of the overall learning experience. Our debate and quiz activities are designed to help the seminarian develop the skills he needs to succeed in all areas of life, from academics to professional endeavors.


Seminary orchestra

All Hallows Seminary Orchestra is a group of dedicated musicians who are committed to using their talents in the service of the Church. Comprising of seminary students, the orchestra performs music for liturgical celebrations, such as Mass, as well as concerts and other special events. The ensemble's repertoire includes a wide range of musical styles, from traditional liturgical music to classical and contemporary pieces, and can include instrumental and vocal performances. The Orchestra is an integral part of the seminary's music program and is an important part of the spiritual formation of the students.


Sporting Activities

Our Seminary promotes physical fitness and healthy living through a variety of sporting activities, including team sports and individual sports. The seminary encourages participation in these activities as they provide opportunities for teamwork, leadership, personal growth and healthy competition. The seminary also participates in inter-seminary competitions and events which helps to build camaraderie, good sportsmanship and healthy competition among students. The sports program at All Hallows Seminary is an important part of student life and helps to create a well-rounded, balanced and holistic formation for the students.

Holistic Formation

we are groomed holistically to be relevant in the society we find ourselves

All Hallows Seminary provides a holistic formation for its students, which includes spiritual, intellectual, pastoral, human and physical aspects, to help them grow in their understanding of themselves, their faith, and their vocation.



With Christ as guide and model, the Seminarians do their best to comply to principles and modalities of prayer and spiritual life


The Seminary ensures an up-to-date National School Teaching Curriculum and has remained unrivalled in academic prowess


Obedience, discipline and accountablity is our watchword. The Seminarians are trained to be responsible and matured in their endeavours.


The seminarians are also exposed to the world of music and musical instruments, sports, languages, cultural dances and other human skills.

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Our Events

Upcoming Events

Our Seminary organizes and hosts a variety of events, such as retreats, workshops, lectures, formation forums, concerts, and sports competitions to provide opportunities for students to deepen their faith, broaden their knowledge, and serve the community.

Entrance Examination 2024

The Seminary Family will celebrate the Holy Mass together and apply ashes. the Lenten Season Begins.

Entrance Examination

This is to inform the General Public, that the Entrance Examination into All Hallows Seminary, will take place on the 9th of March, 2024. Time is 9:00am.

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We Are commited to excellence in Teaching and Learning.

At All Hallows Seminary, we are committed to excellence in teaching and learning, our dedicated faculty and staff work hard to provide high-quality academic programs, resources and support to help our students achieve their full potential and be well-prepared for their future ministry.

forming faithful disciples of Jesus.

All Hallows Seminary is committed to forming faithful disciples of Jesus Christ by providing a holistic formation that includes spiritual, intellectual, pastoral, human and physical aspects to help students deepen their understanding of themselves, their faith and their vocation.

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Welcome to our blog section where we share our insights and reflections on theological and spiritual topics, as well as updates on our academic and pastoral programs.

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Welcome to our blog section where we share our insights and reflections on theological and spiritual topics, as well as updates on our academic and pastoral programs.

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